Planning for Success - Communications Trends

Finding the right mix of advertising, PR and digital campaigns is an art, not an exact science. Integrated campaigns are here to stay and it is essential to determine the weight to place on each element. Here are some communications trends we see as particularly important:

Communications Trends

Social Media

Social media continues to evolve, but this doesn't mean you should jump on any bandwagon just because your competitor is doing it! Take time to determine your target audience and the value that can be offered by engaging with them via a new channel. Concentrate resources on the platforms that are the best use of your time. It is better to excel on one platform than to have a mediocre presence on two.


Search engine optimisation strategies are also constantly evolving. Make sure your website is keeping up, and if not, it might be time for a refresh! A site with a content management system for you to update and monitor might initially be more expensive, but it will be worth it in the long term.


Tablets and smart phones are now ubiquitous. Make sure all your digital presence reflects this and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Rich media

Video is more popular than ever - each month more than 1 billion users visit YouTube alone and watch billions of hours of video. Consider using rich media such as videos and infographics wherever possible to optimise engagement.


Online tools are more valuable than ever, and that goes for networking too. Determine target groups and add a personal touch using platforms such as LinkedIn, effectively enabling you to reach out and grow your sphere of influence more easily than you might think.

There's clearly a lot of work to do. Contact us if you would like help planning for success or more information on communications trends.