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McAlpine & Co at ISH 2015

McAlpine & Co at ISH 2015

Shaw & Underwood had managed trade show exhibitions for McAlpine in the UK and Spain and the ISH 2015 stand project was to build on the successes of previous years.

Following a briefing that took place in summer 2014, Shaw & Underwood was made responsible for the design, procurement and manufacture of the stand, tasked with all on-site contractor liaison, supervision and collation of literature assets from the global McAlpine distributor network, booking of hospitality staff and management of on-stand catering. In addition, Shaw & Underwood was responsible for the organisation of an on-stand party on the second evening of the event.

We have moved!

We have moved and you can now find us at our new address: Shaw & Underwood, Suite 5, The Cloisters, 11-12, George Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1NP UK

Call us on our new number +44(0) 121 454 5584. Our fax number has also changed, it is: +44 (0) 121 454 2094.

We hope to speak to you soon!

The Importance of Social Media

Although a relatively young phenomenon, social media is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business communication strategies. While the medium was seen by some as a ‘fad’ when it first came about, perceptions have now changed and marketers are realising the importance of social media and the potential that can be uncovered by having a watertight social media strategy in place.

QR Codes

If you've spied what looks like a bar code that has escaped from a supermarket shelf and wondered what it is doing on a poster, an ad, a piece of marketing literature, or even a lorry as it speeds past you on the motorway, then chances are it’s a QR Code. The QR code, or Quick Response code, is designed to provide a quick and easy link to a website or other online material. By using an app on a smartphone (many are available free of charge) and simply scanning the code, you are instantly taken to the relevant online message. We’ve used one on our own website so that you can easily pick up where we are, store the map in your ‘phone and come and see us as often as you like! We’re increasingly using them for clients, so if you’re interested in seeing how they can work for you, get in touch (via your smartphone or otherwise…)

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