Twitter has a new look

Twitter has had a makeover. They have gone for a more minimalistic look as part of the redesign whilst ensuring that the desktop, mobile and app versions work seamlessly. Although Twitter underwent a brand refreshment last year, it seems they felt that possible improvement was possible.

Listening to feedback from their users, there is now a live update on how many times a tweet has been retweeted, liked, or replied to, to allow users to see conversations as they are happening instead of having to refresh to see any new updates. This update may become popular with those searching for new stories.

Another change is that when clicking on articles and websites, the links now open in Safari’s browser within the Twitter app. This means it is easily accessible, especially for those who want to access shopping or sites within paywalls through their Twitter account.

Twitter has also made changes to its typography to make more it consistent, adding bolder headlines to allow users to see what is happening and changing the ‘reply’ button to a speech bubble, as well as changing the profile pictures from square to circular.

So, are we all for the new changes or against?

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