Southern Manufacturing Round-Up

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition took place in Farnborough on 9th to 11th February 2016. The exhibition is the UK’s largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition. Two of our clients, Aalco and Sapa took part as exhibitors and we were responsible for their stands.

Simon from S&U went the day before the exhibition started to help the exhibition contractors set up but due to the terrible weather from the latest storm, storm Imogen, strong winds meant that it was unsafe for anybody to enter.  As the exhibition takes place in temporary structures, it would be a health and safety hazard. Therefore, nobody was allowed in until after 10pm instead of the usual 9am, which led to a very late and cold night setting up!

Exhibitors were finally allowed in, and they swiftly got to work until the early hours of the next day. Finishing at around 2am, Simon left the rest of the contractors to continue but had peace of mind knowing that both the Aalco and Sapa stand would look great by the time the show opened to the public.

As part of our exhibition management service, we ensure that the work done to the best standard possible and as always, we did just that - this time, under rather trying circumstances!

A job well done, regardless of the panic delays and the immense pressure to get things done in time. It was also a great achievement as the show was a great success, not only for both of our clients, but for Southern Manufacturing as a whole. We have a full exhibition calendar this year, so onwards and upwards to the next one!