CGI Video for McAlpine

We recently created a CGI video for our client McAlpine, the market-leading manufacturer of plumbing products, that demonstrates to an international audience how to install a channel drain. Our design team successfully created a video that shows clearly how the product is installed and works - without any need for words – ideal for communicating with an audience that isn’t necessarily English-speaking.

McAlpine & Co is an independent, family-owned business that has been manufacturing plumbing products in the United Kingdom since 1902. McAlpine manufactures a remarkable range of products of the highest quality for use in the United Kingdom and exports specifically designed products for use in over sixty countries worldwide. McAlpine has a reputation for producing innovative products determined by market conditions and customer demand.

As the video has been so successful, this is the first of a series of animations we are creating to show how McAlpine products are installed.