Internship Round-Up

Chandni Unka, a University of Wolverhampton graduate, has been interning with us as a PR Account Executive. Here, Chandni gives us her perspective on her experiences during her time at Shaw & Underwood. We’ve been so delighted with Chandni’s performance that she is joining the team as a full-time member of staff.

After graduating from University in September 2014, the hunt for a job within the media field began. Well to be honest, it actually began in July. It was a long and tough process. Finally in October, an interview came through my university for an internship with Shaw & Underwood. It was for the role of a PR Account Executive. I was so pleased to have finally heard back from someone, it was a relief. Furthermore, I was pleased to hear back a few days later to learn that I had got the internship. I began in November, not really knowing what was in store for me, but very much looking forward to all the challenges, as I knew I would learn a lot. Before beginning my internship, I intended to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience to help me build a pathway to my career.

It has been almost 6 months now that I have been interning with Shaw & Underwood – which by the way, have completely flown by! My internship is now coming to an end which allows me to reflect on my hopes and expectations before I began my internship. I have learnt many new things, as well as improvements on things that I didn’t know very well before starting. As for what I expected to gain, I can honestly say that I have gained exactly what I had hoped for and more.

As expected, there have been some challenges along the way. However, these challenges were looked at in a positive way and they allowed me the chance to learn. If at times I feel as though I am finding a particular task difficult, with the help of the staff at Shaw & Underwood, I am always able to make improvements.

Though I may have been confident before beginning this internship, my time here has allowed me to build on my confidence. Alongside this, I have acquired new skills which will aid me inside and outside of the working environment. Another result is that I feel more aware of what I would like to work towards within my career.

This internship has been a fantastic opportunity to begin my career and by gaining a lot of knowledge within the PR and advertising industry, it will be something that will always stay with me and aid me further afield. The experience that I have received whilst interning has been a very helpful start on the career ladder.