Who needs a PR agency anyway?

In these tough economic times, organisations are under pressure to tighten budgets with each pound that is spent under strict scrutiny. It is no secret that the Communications department and in turn, the PR agency are often the first areas to experience cut-backs. When evaluating out-goings, top-level management might review the spend on PR and deem this an expendable cost - but they tread a dangerous path.

A recent article in the Financial Times brought this argument to light.  A number of top-level executives question the value of PR practitioners in the piece, not understanding the value they bring and unclear on what PR does for their company.

This is why it is essential for PR agencies to show the value of its activities and ensure that the message reaches top-level management - including demonstrating the value in tangible terms, quantifying success (discussed in a previous blog post here) and reassuring the client through all-important results. Numbers are not the only indicator of success - quality media coverage in leading publications and effective crisis management are often indicators of a strong PR agency. By making themselves highly visible to all of an organisation, rather than just the Comms division, the agency can make its role, and worth, clear to internal stakeholders and shout about how it has helped create success.

Ultimately however, it is up to management to understand what PR can do to help their company - they should set the bar high and make it clear what they want to achieve with their PR agency from the outset. Clear communication between client and agency means campaigns can be tailored, creating a bespoke solution that will mean the question "who needs PR anyway?" is never asked again.

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